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Traditional Thai Wedding Ceremony

A traditional  Thai Wedding ceremony is a beautiful insight into classic Buddhist culture and Siamese traditional with Buddhist monks performing a wedding blessing  for the bride and groom.
The air-conditioned venue, Somnam Room is adorned with golden decorations and antique artifacts for a truly authentic wedding experience.

Your Traditional Thai Wedding Package Includes :
-  Wedding set up at KEE Executive Lounge
-  Blessing with priest or pastor
-  Floral arch
-  Two floral display
-  Bridal bouquet
-  Groom's corsage and bride's bouquet
-  Wedding garlands for the bride and groom
-  Floral tray for wedding bands
-  Water pouring set
-  Altar and seating for five monks
-  Donation envelopes for the monks
-  Alms offerings for the monks
-  One night stay for the couple in a Sea View Suite (wedding night)
-  Romantic floral arrangement in your room on your (wedding night)
-  Breakfast served in your room on your honeymoon morning.

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Traditional Thai Wedding Ceremony

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Traditional Thai Wedding Ceremony

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